Saturday, July 21, 2007

Testing the Boat II

I made a few adjustments in my sailing rig. I added a line for taking in the top of the sprit and I redesigned the rudder mount. Originally I made it so that the rudder could swing back if I hit bottom. This was based on the official version. The new version has a block which attaches to the boat in the slot meant for an outboard motor. There are three eyebolts which hold a dowel. The rudder is then attached to the dowel at four places. This gives it a lot more support.

Everything worked fine. I was able to sail around the lake. My biggest problem is that the wind gave out once I got a ways from the dock. I spent a while waiting for gusts strong enough to sail with but eventually I got bored and rowed back.

It is possible that the sail is letting too much wind through. It is a wide weave. I may paint it to give it more body. I'm considering painting it black with a skull and crossbones but I may just go for white.

After I tired of sailing I stashed the sailing gear and t Jennie out for a row. I had trouble with the cross-wind wanting to point the boat in a different direction but otherwise, it went fine. Jennie stayed in the boat this time. She is having trouble with her knees being stiff so climbing into the boat was difficult for her. I beached it and let her climb out the front which worked much better.

Conclusion - I will be able sail at the pirate event in three weeks but I will have to be by myself. If there is any sort of water-battle then I will be rowing.

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