Monday, June 29, 2009

Put-In-Bay Pirate Festival

Micky and I checked out the Put-in-Bay Pirate Festival on Saturday. Put-in-Bay is an island in Lake Erie. It is near the site of a major naval engagement during the War of 1812 when Admiral Perry, aboard the Brig Niagara, defeated a British fleet. Today the island is a party town.

We got conflicting information about the pirate festival. I think that this is the 4th year that something piratish has happened but that this was the first year that it was an island-wide festival.

The festival consisted of a small living history encampment of "pirates" who normally do French and Indian War period, a short parade, and a costume contest. Also the modern reconstruction of the Niagara visited.

Micky took second place in the men's class. A Jack Sparrow won. You can't beat Captain Jack.

A large percentage of the island's population was dressed for the festival. Several businesses had pirate flags out.

One complaint about the reenactors who were there - one of them insisted on bringing up the "pirates wore eye patches to see in the dark" myth.

The festival could use more (and better) pirates. We may try to set up an encampment next year.

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Anonymous said...

~* i agree, and concur with ur assesment! this yea, was somewhat better, and i thinkn, it shall grow into much more, thru the years! did u come, this weekend? i really love the medallions, they sold, as a momento! this is truly a great idea, for such a wonderful place! love those scurvy dawgs!~*