Monday, December 27, 2010

Pirates 4 - Rumors and Speculation

The first real trailer is out for Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I am going to make some guesses about the movie based on this and rumors. This may contain spoilers (depending on good my guesses are).

The only members of the original cast are Jack, Barbossa, and Gibbs.

Barbosa has a peg leg.

There is a video on how the Black Pearl was rebuilt to be the Queen Anne's Revenge. The first production stills leaked are of Jack, Barbosa, and others surveying a wrecked ship. I'm going to guess that this was the Black Pearl. This may also be how Barbossa ended up with a peg leg.

The trailer shows Jack in London. Some of this looks like Greenwich. In fact, some of the buildings also show up in Jack Black's Gulliver. Johnny Depp showed up at a school class in Greenwich near the end of filming. The school is only a few blocks from these buildings.

You can also see the Banqueting Hall at Whitehall. This was built by James I and the site of Charles I's execution.

Blackbeard was supposed to be an Englishman but in the trailer he seems to have a Spanish accent. That might be to match his daughter, played by Penelope Cruz who is from Spain.

Penelope Cruz was pregnant during filming. Rumor is that her sister acted as her body double.

I read On Stranger Tides when it came out. It follows a puppeteer whose ship is taken and ends up falling in with a group of pirates on the Florida coast. I don't see much room for Jack Sparow so I'm assuming that they threw pretty much the plot from the book out the window. I expect the main thing they kept was Blackbeard finding the Fountain of Youth and using it to gain immortality and power. The fountain was a fountain of energy instead of water. The Blackbeard in the book did not have a daughter nor did the historic Blackbeard.

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