Monday, August 15, 2011

Brigand's Grove

Right off the bat, this was a disappointing event. It replaced the Pirates of Paynetown which was a wonderful event. When the site fell through, the organizer substituted an event in what amounts to his front yard (actually a field across a highway and down a hill from the historic building that houses his business).

A lot of participants dropped out and the new site was missing Paynetown's best features: a large lake, an attack from boats, and showers. Also it was no longer a "pirate" event. The new focus was on pirates, brigands, and other law breakers.

So it was a much smaller event and the field was not shaded most of the day which baked us, especially on Saturday.

And it wasn't a pirate event. It was a generic 18th century event with a couple of displays on piracy.

Also, the John Work House turned out to be further away than it appeared on the map. The map didn't show the steep hill with a slippery path that had to be climbed to get to the house (plus another story to get to the tavern). This resulted in a split event. Some people spent most of their time in the house and some in the field. I don't think that there was any point when everyone was in one place.

So, what good can I say about the event?

I got to use my cannon. I ran full cannon crew through the drill a couple of times them we did it with powder. I finally used enough powder for a decent bang - twice the charge as in my swivel gun. I also ran some visitors through the drill.

The "battles" were unusual but fun. We never had more than a dozen people on the field and not all of them were armed but this fit the scenario.

The first "battle" was a skirmish at the tavern. A bunch of us complained about the prices and it escalated to shooting. The redcoats arrived and drove the rowdies off.

For the official field battle, some of us went to the British to register our complaints. Things quickly got out of hand. Someone (Micky) was arrested and beaten to death. Someone else (me) was arrested and shot. Talk about the violence inherent in the system.

We got our own back. On Sunday we raided the tavern and made off with some stuff. Later we returned and found the redcoat officer by himself so we shot him. Finally I proclaimed, "In the name of no one in particular, I claim this land as ours. God save us!"

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Nathanael Logsdon said...

It should be noted that this was a first-year event. Even Pirates of Paynetown (Which this event initially replaced) was pretty thin and weak the first year. It was also held on a totally new site that was still in the developmental stage. At this point, Brigand's Grove now offers a much better prospect as the property has been groomed and more shady camp areas have been developed. As budget abilities increase, we have added more entertainment and programming to make the event more enjoyable for all. The site now features running water within close proximity to the camp. As the site progresses into the future, more additions are planned including permanent log cabins, wooded hiking trails, bridges, a grist mill, and other structures that will be available for use. First-year events are always a little small. Give us time, and you'll see a really great event unfold!